About Us

Strategic Outcomes Group Pty Ltd is a boutique consultancy created to draw together the best available expertise from around the world to help your business, company, department or corporation develop and implement strategies to be more responsive, efficient and most importantly – more profitable.

SOG also aim to be a source of knowledge that we hope will help with your own ‘strategic thinking‘.

SOG is an accredited Australian Small Scale Offerings Board Sponsor for raising venture capital to commercialize innovative products and services. To date, over $120m has been raised using the ASSOB capital raising platform.

We believe that engaging with, and serving, your community of clients more effectively will serve you well for the future – both in ‘good‘ and ‘bad‘ times.

Today, suppliers and clients both client feel somewhat disenfranchised from the value chain and as a consequence are somewhat dissenchanted – long-standing loyalties have come under stress. Furthermore, the wider community can enter and engage in the value chain at more points than ever before. Thus, supply chain management is but one half of the equation. Demand chain management is equally important in the survival of the business.

This very same community is now demanding a closer engagement with government, corporations and businesses – and expecting more from them. The wider community expect effective governance practices and a higher level of recognition and respect for their contribution to the economy. Thus, it is increasingly obvious that companies that effectively engage with their supplier and client communities, as well as, stakeholders are more profitable, better respected and enjoy a far more loyal client base.

We are all one family caught up in a significant global transition. SOG aims to help make that transition much more effective for all, therefore, our challenge is to help your organisation make that transition as smooth as possible.

Our principals have a proven track record in consulting to global brands around the world and believe we can make a significant contribution to your organisation.

Our Vision is to develop more effective ‘strategic thinking and decision-making’ to achieve better commercial outcomes.

Our Mission is to offer the best and most appropriate services to our customers and at a fair and reasonable price.

We aim to always exceed customer expectations!

We encourage you to join in this conversation. Let’s all make a contribution to the global knowledge base.