Australian Workers Are A Disgruntled Bunch

AUSSIE workers are a disgruntled bunch, says research that reveals two-thirds don’t think they’re paid enough.

And almost half are holding out for a pay rise before the end of this year.

Recruitment firm Randstad’s Workmonitor report found 66 per cent of workers didn’t think their salary accurately reflected their performance.

But, while many anticipated a pay rise, Aussies were conservative in their expectations compared with counterparts overseas.

Only Canada and a handful of European countries had lower pay expectations.

Workers in Argentina, Brazil, Chile, China, India and Mexico were the most optimistic.

More than 80 per cent are expected to get either a pay rise, a bonus or an improvement in employee benefits.

2 thoughts on “Australian Workers Are A Disgruntled Bunch

  • James,
    You are probably right. But I think there are several issues here. People want more say in their business, personal and family life. Also Australia has been ranked for years as one of the easiest countries around the globe to set up a company (a few hours versus up to 100 days in some other countries). The real challenge is, however, when the going gets tough in Australia, the SME closure rates rise as the owner jumps ship back into the corporate world. Australia now has one of the highest levels of employment in the corporate world than ever before – and it is rising – despite the state and national governments throwing lots of money at increasing the commercialisation of innovations! Why?

    Comment from: Dr. Kenneth Preiss

  • This is fairly grim news, but probably explains why many Australians (and indeed people across the world) are looking to set up in business themselves given the state of the global economy.

    Comment from: James

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