Our Assignments

Armed Services:

Supply of strategic decision-making system


Recruitment and selection of core senior executive leadership and Actuaries


Australian Federal Government funded national study into the future curriculum development for business education

Entrepreneurship-New Venture Funding:

Accredited Sponsor, Australian Small Scale Offerings Board (ASSOB). To date, ASSOB has raised over $120m in venture capital.

Benchmarking national innovation and entrepreneurship performance (United Arab Emirates)


Develop and implement strategic competency profiling and auditing for HR planning and decision-making

Executive Recruitment-Development:

Develop entrepreneurship skills for executives (United Arab Emirates)

New venture viability assessment for senior executives (United Arab Emirates)

Executive recruitment and selection across a broad spectrum of corporations and SMEs


Human Resources/Organisation Development Advisor to national government – Asia

High Performance Organization (Public Sector assignment) Indonesia

Human Resources Development:

Coaching and mentoring SME owners

Developing executive and management strategic thinking

Strategic leadership development

Local Council:

Pedestrian traffic flow through inner-suburb

Engaging the youth community by enhancing leisure facilities


Benchmark management competencies in strategic business unit

Restructured precious metal smelter Bag House operations to optimise HR utilisation


Strategic product branding-rebranding using proprietary socio-cognitive methodology for apparel manufacturing-distribution company (USA)

Brand profiling of university of international standing using socio-cognitive methodology for repositioning of brand to more closely align with overall corporate strategy (USA)

Change management: including transformation of strategic business unit via enhanced strategic thinking and decision-making


Mediate the resolution of a potentially debilitating industrial relations dispute in a Dump Truck workshop

Business performance evaluation and process re-engineering of Pre-Mix concrete strategic business unit

Develop-implement middle management recruitment, assessment and selection protocols (Chile)

Oil-Chemical Industries:

Top-to-bottom corporate strategic competencies audit to identify future leaders

Write marketing case studies to develop business/market strategic thinking

Develop and implement a business performance strategic management system

Create product innovation/development culture in a strategic business unit

Organisation culture survey of 375 executives, managers and employees (United Arab Emirates)


Organisation structure and integration research

Attracting, motivating and retaining core management


Business performance evaluation and process re-engineering of telecommunications strategic business unit


Organisation transformation/restructuring for strategy re-orientation