Strategic Outcomes announces the creation of SOG-High Performance

SOG-High Performance has been created in response to increasing demand for assistance in transforming the business/corporation into a highly innovative and much more efficient organization that is more responsive to the demands of a fast changing economic environment.

SOG-High Performance has been engaged as a Strategic HR/OD Adviser to one of the largest Public Sector Corporations in Indonesia to assist in transformation that corporation into a high performance organization.
Some companies are embracing the Balanced Scorecard (BSC) model to frame and then drive their business/corporate strategy.

Those experienced with the BSC methodology will be aware that it often does not translate well into some corporate environments – more particularly in a public sector setting.

Thus, the challenge for those corporations/companies which have adopted the BSC (and that is not working out as expected) is to integrate the Balanced Scorecard (BSC) into a more coherent and integrative strategic framework that takes the corporation beyond what the BSC has to offer.

Strategic Outcomes Group, through its subsidiary SOG-High Performance has a depth of prior experience (based on research and practice) in integrating different strategic frameworks so that the corporation does not have to abandon past methodologies whilst combining the best of the past with a more productive methodology for the future.

The consequence of a mid-stream shift from one strategic framework to another that does not necessarily have similar strategic characteristics (e.g., the BSC vs High Performance Outcomes model)  is often considerable chaos and high cost. SOG-High Performance has solved this problem with the development of a unique and proprietary integrative model so the initial investment is not necessarily lost.

In current assignments SOG-High Performance is demonstrating its capacity to bring to the table a depth of understanding of strategy theory and, more importantly, an understanding of strategy implementation in practice.

Reference to our portfolio of published research will give some insight into our knowledge and expertise in strategy development and efficient/effective implementation.

SOG-High Performance is also experienced in implementing an Outcomes-Driven business model for both small and large businesses.

Call Dr Kenneth Preiss on +61 (0) 402 181 926 or +62 812 1851 8644 for an informing conversation on how SOG-High Performance can help your company/corporation optimize its performance in these challenging times.


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