‘You the Leader’: Leadership Development at its Best

That all too often comment “we need some leadership around here” resonates in quarters of many  organisations. In my many years of experience as a CEO and leader developer, the least offered but most important response to such a comment is “what is it you want leadership to do?”

Understanding what it is an organisation requires of leadership is what really matters. Leadership often exists in peoples’ perceptions as some mystical; cure all remedy that when applied will overcome the issues and challenges that are facing many organisations. In reality, leadership is the application of specific capabilities to support the intent of a role and the achievement of performance outcomes in a particular context.

Knowing what it is an organisation or an individual wants leadership to do can be determined through expected performance outcomes.  If it is realigning culture, growing market segments, reducing overheads, developing bench strength and succession planning, visioning or managing performance – then particular and specific capabilities are required to deliver a leadership outcome.

Often leadership development programs offer generic solutions not linked to the future landscape of the organisation. ‘You the Leader’ which has been developed through robust empirical research assists individuals in confirming specific leadership capabilities requiring development. It focuses the individual on fundamental aspects of their leadership and sets in place a process for practising and mastering their performance. Like all successful professional golfers, they get the fundamentals; spend 20% of the time playing golf and 80% of the time practicing golf.

The secret to leadership development strategies is first understanding what it is you want leadership to do and determining required leadership capabilities by focusing on the interdependency between role intent, performance outcomes and context.

The secret to effective leadership is practise, practise, and practise.

‘You the Leader‘ is a refreshing new leader development approach that identifies the capabilities you need to be more effective as a leader. More importantly, this validated approach embeds a process that you can use to continue your leadership development in any context!


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3 thoughts on “‘You the Leader’: Leadership Development at its Best

  • Steph,

    You do not need to be in a leadership role to benefit from a personal development opportunity. Your approach to your Manager should reflect your willingness to focus on the fundamentals that will lay the foundations to further enhance your confidence and style and your capacity to achieve rewarding outcomes from your relationships with others. When discussing this with your Manager stress the mutual benefit that will result from your commitment to align your development to the organisation’s current and future landscape. You will benefit from this program in many ways, including building your self-confidence, which will in turn enhance your performance.

    David M Williams

    Comment from: Dr. David M Williams

  • I don’t happen to be in a leadership position. Do you think I can still benefit from a leadership program if I can convince my managers that I should go. I thought it may give me confidence, help me to get along well with others and teach me how to focus my energies towards a common goal?

    Comment from: Steph Foracel

  • I agree that self awareness, behaviour flexibility, egoless communication, accountability and systematic action are leadership capabilities but not the only key traits leadership programs and business schools should concentrate on. Defining why, when and how an individual applies these capabilities is critical.

    Steven Segal (Business Feel: 2004) put it succinctly when he said, “Leadership is not about having a strong point of view, but a well developed point from which to view”. The panorama of the leadership challenges facing an individual or an organisation defines the leadership capabilities requiring development, practise and application.

    Dr David M Williams

    Comment from: David M Williams

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